Dofet, since 1967

DOFET was established in 1967 by brothers Domenico and Federico Tenderini in Premana, the district worldwide famous for the production of scissors.

At the beginning DOFET focused on the production of stainless steel scissors with nylon handles and industrial blades but in 2003, thanks to Andrea, representing the second generation Tenderini, DOFET opened a new branch for the production of micro turned precision parts. The initial aim was to satisfy the internal need for stainless steel screws and bolts to assemble the scissors, but very soon DOFET diversified his production and became able to offer a flexible and reliable service of production of small precision turned parts on customer requirements.

All DOFET products are 100% made in Italy and made in Premana.

At the service of your needs

Talking about small micro turned parts, in addition to the strict observance of all the specifics indicated on the technical drawing, we are available and pleased to cooperate also in new projects to develop “tailored” precision micro turned parts. We are able to faithfully reproduce also starting from physical samples of the product and suggest functional changes or solutions to reduce the costs without affecting the quality of the product.

For the blades we offer our long experience in the field of cutting items as well as our knowledge of the best steel on the market to find the perfect solution to cut any material. One of our strengths is the flexibility that allows us to offer both a sampling service for a few tens of pieces and production lots of several tens of thousands of pieces.

In addition, thanks to our long-term cooperation with trusted local partners, we are able to offer extra services to guarantee high quality final results. We are able to offer services of heat treatment and galvanic treatments such as zinc coating, chroming, bluing coating process on common and stainless steel and aluminium anodization. It is also possible to have services of polishing and grinding of all the pcs we produce: micro turned parts, scissors and blades.

MILLEMETRI: the professional scissors produced and signed by Dofet

MILLEMETRI: the professional scissors produced and signed by Dofet

MILLEMETRI® by Dofet is our product label, certified 100% made in Italy by a dedicated external institution that every year verifies the observance of the necessary conditions. Since more than 50 years we develop and produce very high-quality scissors and blades. We always aim to excellence and sharpen it day after day, scissors after scissors, thanks to our internal skilled craftsmen. We work at MILLE (one thousand) meters above the sea level, in the mountains near the Lecco lake, in the historical district of Premana, proud of our secular craftsmen origins and at the same time promoter of the Italian manufactory revolution.

Many had tried to copy our scissors during these years, for this reason we decided to give them a name that could tell our story, from where we come from, the place where we produce. At MILLEMETRI® (one thousand meters a.s.l.) we 100% guarantee the quality of each of our scissors, convinced that, even if supported by modern technologies, our human skills are always the ones that make the difference.

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